The TourKnife team launched their world-leading tour management platform at Fitur 2018 in Madrid. TourKnife was launched in 2017 and rolled out to customers like The Wanderlust Store which successfully managed group travel for over 8000 pax using TourKnife in 2017 (see Case Studies). The product was largely kept under wraps during 2017 but marketing activities commenced in earnest in Spain at the beginning of the year.

Feedback from customers at FITUR was extremely positive. The TourKnife team met with operators who had trialled multiple software solutions on the market and still hadn’t found a solution that could handle the complexities of their group tour management requirements.

“Operators were very pleasantly surprised when the answer to almost all of their questions was – yes, we can do it,” said company COO Zander Tripp. “We now have a significant number of operators from Spain, Italy, Russia and other European countries trialing and signing up for TourKnife. 2018 looks to be a big year for TourKnife.”

TourKnife will also be presented at the travel industry technology event ACAVe Jornada Tecnológica at Hotel NH Constanza in Barcelona on the 27th of February.