Ramón Aragüés has a degree in computer science engineering and a PhD in bioinformatics. He started his career as an artificial intelligence consultant, where he learnt to work with both humans and artificial minds, without being able to decide which
ones he preferred.

In 2010 he founded, a website that lets travelers book the best trips at the best prices organized by the best travel agents. Currently, Ramón is focussing all his energy on TourKnife, where in addition to being CEO he leads product development. His background in technology and experience working in the tourism sector allow him to determine both the functional needs of touroperadors and DMCs using TourKnife, and the best technological solutions to reach those goals. In all the projects he leads, Ramón’s priority is to make technology more ‘human’, so both travelers and agents can focus on what is really important: the trip itself.

Ramón would love to travel more frequently and for longer periods, but something he has learnt from working in the tourism sector is that it leaves you with very little time to be a tourist.