Tour Creation, Booking & Management Platform

Cutting-edge travel management platform for tour operators, DMCs and travel agencies

TourKnife is a cloud-based tour creation, booking and management platform which revolutionises how Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and DMCs create and manage tours, enabling them to be in full control of all aspects of the most complex multi-day group tours. TourKnife enables reliable control of inventory, pricing and tour availability, freeing up staff from manual and repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus on improving product quality and increasing sales. TourKnife customers enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated platform to seamlessly manage complex tours.

Imagine the impact on your business of having 100% reliable control of inventory, pricing and tour availability – all in real-time? TourKnife enables you to do just that. With TourKnife you can leave Excel, Calendar and stand-alone tour management solutions behind and enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated platform saving time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency. Take full control of all aspects of the most complex multi-day group tours, decreasing human errors thanks to TourKnife’s automation suite, setting pricing automatically, selling simultaneously in multiple channels, automatically generating all documentation and more.

Manage your inventory

Advanced inventory management, helping you connect your customers with the best product offering possible.

Optimise conversion and margins

Increase conversion rates and optimize your margins by connecting your customers with the product that best fits their needs.

Total control of complex content

Automate creation of packages with flexible duration, extra nights and optional components.

Fast and fully integrated booking system

User-friendly real-time booking capability, maximising conversion and revenues.

Benefit from advanced pricing capabilities

Manage complex pricing rules including markups and variable pricing.

Powerful Inventory Management

Manage total product and service inventory across all classes and categories. Availability is updated in real-time as soon as a reservation is confirmed.

Flexible and scalable

A flexible platform that scales to your business

Accelerate implementation

Modular, web-based technology makes implementing faster and reduces your time-to-market.

Sell across all channels

Multichannel sales support including B2C, B2B and APIs for accelerating integration with 3rd parties.

Built for business

Configurable off the shelf solutions that puts business users in control with minimal training.

Integrate with any third-party service

Complement your own products and services by connecting with all kinds of travel and tourism providers to enhance your product offering and generate new business opportunities.

Manage your content

Manage content and give your customers a clear picture of the great range of products you have on offer in real time. With this solution, you will also have the capability of managing your own agreements with your providers and also any kind of integrated content.

Packages & Tours

Create, price and sell individual components or combined packages, including bundled and per-product pricing and the ability to bundle sub-packages.

Mix content, creating both fixed and flexible packages. Offer the best deals to your clients leveraging availability data.


Smart route management with origin, destination and open jaw support.


Manage all owned and 3rd-party product types including exclusive rooms and multilingual documentation.


Full pricing control at customer level; grouping, address management and automatic return booking, optimizing efficiency.

Rail, bus, ferry and cruise

Full contract management with complete control over pricing structures and allotments, including charters or regular routes

More content and services

Manage insurance, car rentals, activities, and tours with full control over allotments and pricing types on a per-service basis.

Excursions and other services

Global control of multiple excursions and service types, manage price with mul-tiple conditions and set incompatible promotions.

Power your business and maximize your sales

Automate the sales process

With automated sales management and business rules, you can gain competitive just in time advantage and boost revenue-generating opportunities.

Flexible business rules

You can combine both pricing and performance management and load them across different media to help you maximize efficiency and drive sales.

Reports to drive better business decisions

Generate reports to monitor key data for all levels of the organization. Monitor sales, bookings, agency communication and fully daily operation.

TourKnife Capability Overview

Tour Creation

Itinerary templates
Departure dates


Price control


Release dates


Cost and Markup
Dynamic pricing
Multiple Rates


Full view


Export to 3rd parties
Match invoices


Tour management


Resellers website
Travelers website
Cloud based



TourKnife will streamline your business in many ways, including enabling you to:

  • Easily manage all your content, contracts, allotments, pricing and packaging, suppliers
    and services
  • Single or multi-site implementations with a single solution – buy once and use
  • Multicurrency and multilingual functionality
  • Manual and automated workflows with automated control of your inventory enabling you to find the balance between control and efficiency.
  • Multitax, set up your own taxes and decide where they should apply.
  • Flexible and modular, so you can scale the platform to your business needs
  • set prices easily and automatically and benefit from advice to dynamically adjust sale price
  • sell your tour departures in multiple channels
  • configure alarms
  • control clients payment through automated emails
  • never miss a deadline with a supplier, using automatic alarms associated with their
  • configure alarms to control every aspect of your business, liked to specific services,
    reservations and dates.