Press Release – Technological leap forward for Travel companies

Barcelona 16 January 2020.

TourKnife, the world leading tour management solution, was selected in  by by several travel agencies including,,, and  as their central management tool to create and manage tours and itineraries, manage suppliers and handle both B2B and B2C online bookings for group tours and FIT travel.


For these agencies TourKnife respresents a major technological advancement, enabling them to automate processes which were previously done manually, making their businesses more efficient and reducing errors.


Thanks to TourKnife these agencies will now be able to:

  • Fully manage all aspects of their tours from one central tool, dramatically decreasing the time and staff required to create tours and contract supplier services
  • Have real-time availability and pricing information for all tours and supplier services
  • Market tours online to both travellers and agencies
  • Create campaigns that temporally modify pricing based on rules
  • Manage all aspects of bookings (cancellations, modifications, etc)
  • Generate all documentation required for travellers, guides, hotels and airlines
  • Seamlessly integrate with accounting systems
  • Use control panels & alarms to efficiently manage deadlines and avoid penalties
  • Scale up the number of tours and departures and consequently profits, without the need to increase staffing


Having the ability to automate the management of contracts, allotments, bookings and deadlines with hotels and airlines is a gamechanger for travel agencies. Instead of needing to set individual reminders for every tour and keep track of these to make sure deadlines aren’t passed and penalties incurred, agents simply log into their personal control panel and view all alarms, deadlines and events and take actions as required.


TourKnife saves these agencies time and headaches with the generation of consistent, error-free documentation with the press of a key. Updated rooming lists, vouchers, itineraries and guide documents can all be generated at any moment and since the system integrates with accounting systems, there is no need for duplicated data entry.


“TourKnife not only impacts on businesses through automation, improving efficiency and reducing errors, it also enables them to seamlessly connect content, pricing and availability information with their B2C and B2B webs,” said Ramón Aragüés, TourKnife CEO. “In the case of our clients, this will ensure their websites are always up to date and will enable them to offer retailers and customers the ability to make bookings online, increasing conversion rates and decreasing staff costs. TourKnife is revolutionizing traditional travel businesses, providing them with a whole new method of working,” he added.



About us: TourKnife develops world-leading tour management solutions which bring travelers and suppliers together in one integrated cloud-based platform, enabling online booking and tour management with real-time pricing and availability. TourKnife automates booking and documentation processes and integrates seamlessly with accounting and other third-party systems, saving Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and DMCs time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency.