TourKnife is a World-Leading Travel Inventory Management Platform

TourKnife is the Swiss-Army knife of travel inventory creation and management.

A flexible and modular platform, TourKnife is a cloud-based tour management solution which revolutionizes how Travel Agencies, Tour Operators and DMCs create and manage tours, enabling them to be in full control of all aspects of the most complex multi-day group tours. TourKnife enables reliable control of inventory, pricing and tour availability, freeing up staff from manual and repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus on improving product quality and increasing sales.
TourKnife customers enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated platform to seamlessly manage complex tours.

Executive Team

Ramón Aragüés

Ramón Aragüés has a degree in computer science engineering and a PhD in bioinformatics. He started his career as an artificial intelligence consultant, where he learnt to work with both humans and artificial minds, without being able to decide which…

Sergi Argerich

Sergi started programming BASIC in an MSX computer at the age of 12. Before going to university Sergi was capable of developing applications in C. During university years he learned multiple programming languages of all types. He started working as…

Zander Tripp

Zander Tripp


Zander has experience leading companies, teams, branches & staff to success and has served in executive roles in both start-ups and big corporates in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Strategy, General Management, M&A as well as on company boards. Zander joined…

Javier García

Javier García-García is a biologist and computer scientist with a PhD in biomedicine. Javier enjoys teaching and has been Associated professor of Python in the Bioinformatics Master at UPF since 2013. After some years playing with research at Structural Biology…