Cutting-edge cloud-based software for Travel & Activity Operators

TourKnife is a cloud-based tour & activity creation, booking and management platform which revolutionises how Tour & Activity Operators, Travel Agencies and DMCs create and manage tours & activities. TourKnife enables reliable control of inventory, pricing and availability, freeing up staff from manual and repetitive tasks and enabling them to focus on improving product quality and increasing sales. TourKnife customers enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated platform to seamlessly manage complex tours & activities.

TourKnife Key Features

TourKnife will streamline your business
in many ways, including enabling you to:

• Easily manage all your content, contracts, allotments,
pricing and packaging, suppliers and services
• Single or multi-site implementations with a single
solution – buy once and use everywhere
• Multicurrency and multilingual functionality
• Manual and automated workflows with automated control of your
inventory enabling you to find the balance between control and efficiency
• Flexible and modular, so you can scale the platform to your business needs
• Set prices easily
• Sell your tours and activities in multiple channels
• Configure alarms to alert you of important events in the system
• Control clients payment through automated emails
• Never miss a deadline with a supplier, using automatic
alarms associated with their contract
• Configure alarms to control every aspect of your business,
linked to specific services, reservations and dates