Launch of TourKnife 3.0

In July 2021 we launched TK 3.0. Product highlights include:

Events & activities – Where TourKnife was previously specialized in multi-day and multi-service tours, TourKnife now includes advanced functionality to enable the booking and management of both day events and activities, with a special focus on single-service products.

TK CRM module – The new CRM module provides task and leads management linked to other TourKnife modules, including mailouts based on customised templates. The CRM Module enables communication with travellers via configurable templates. It also includes a step-by-step guide to generate quotes and enables easy editing and updating of quotes, dates, and service costs. 

TK Admin: a complete admin module (invoicing, accounting, taxes). The Admin module enables you to keep track of costs, income, invoices received and issued, payments and charges, accounting and taxes

B2C Travellers Web is an off-the-shelf web already connected to TourKnife. TourKnife is the backend of your web, enabling you to publish real-time pricing and availability information. Our B2C web can be customized to fit your needs and includes the possibility of enabling online requests and booking of your products.

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